Non-US Citizens

Click on the following link to download the "Color Coded Foreign National Visitor Access Request Form"

Complete and email to

Non US Citizens are allowed to participate, however, all non-US Citizens must be pre-approved by DHS before start of class. This process takes a minimum of 30 business days and uses a standardized form (attached) if this applies to any potential attendees, complete the form and send it to me with answers to the below three questions. The attendee will complete the areas highlighted in yellow, and the POC or designee will complete the areas highlighted in green prior to returning the form to me. The requesting Non US Citizen wishing to attend a DHS/FEMA funded course MUST have a direct relationship/affiliation with a United States hosting agency in order to be considered for processing. This is a federal requirement with no guarantee that the application will be approved.

The following three questions must be answered and attached to the Foreign National Visitor Access Request form to move forward:

  1. Acknowledgement from a U.S. jurisdiction that they need this person to attend the training course
  2. What is the relationship they have with the person applying for access? 
  3. Why does this person need to attend training course?